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Our escape room games provide exciting experiences filled with puzzles, obstacles, and technical special effects.
You and your team step into a room with a time limit of one hour and your goal is to escape.
Explore clues, solve puzzles, interact with the room’s magic above all have fun.


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Tailored Experiences


Escape from Alcatraz
Escape from Antique Room
Escape from Blind Tiger Bar
Escape from Space Bus

Guards change is in one hour.

Can you escape in time or are you destined to rot in jail?

*The game is located in the heart of San Francisco, not on Alcatraz Island!
We carefully replicate the environment from the federal monument so that players feel like real prisoners in Alcatraz.


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Investigate the "Theft of the Century," theft of the famous Mona Lisa.

Can your team work through Mr. Alfredo’s apartment to find and recover the world’s most famous painting?

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San Francisco’s Top Rated Game

It’s the Prohibition era. A group of mafia bosses has been busted for illegal bootlegging.

Now it's your chance to take over, but you have to act fast!

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First Mobile Escape Game in Northern California!


You’re the best and brightest and have been accepted to the space academy. En route to your training, the Space Bus has been damaged.

Your team needs to switch to manual controls and safely make it to the destination.


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Corporate team events

Unique and Exciting Team Building Experiences

Play at Our Location
Bring the Games to You or a Rented Venue
Bring the Games to Your Event
Tailor the Experience: Create a Customized Escape Room Game

Multiple Escape Room Game Options at our San Francisco location

Our games are great for company outings located right in the heart of the financial district of San Francisco.

EscapeSF offers the running of multiple games either in parallel or back-to-back, depending on the size of your team. With many challenges in each room not running linear and alternative ways to accomplish goals, there can be a lot to discuss afterwards for your team.




Introducing Sabotage: Our Spy Case Scenario Game

Be one of the first to play our new Sabotage Spy Case scenario game. This game is best for large groups of 40-50 people.

We can either bring the game to you or rent a suitable venue nearby.
Book for your next banquet, holiday company party, or conference.



Space Bus Has Launched
the First Ever Mobile Game in Northern California

Hosting an event? We can deliver the latest-generation technology game to

your location.


We can bring Space Bus to your location where it will serve as a unique and exciting form of entertainment for your guests.



Tailor the Experience

Planning your next company event?

EscapeSF is a reputable, quality-backed company that can create your own customized escape game experience–perfect for your next conference, banquet, or any big event.


Your customized game can include your own company branding, marketing message, or other important information about your company.


Go beyond traditional entertainment.



Tailor the Experience

Create a Customized Escape Room Game

Use your Company Branding
Go Beyond Traditional Entertainment
Encourage Team Unity


Our customized games include unique adventures and puzzles that can include your branding, marketing message, and any other important information about your company. We have Game Masters to help run the event or we can train your own staff to join the fun!




Do something different with our escape games that will make for an unforgettable experience. Our games naturally give way to conversation and interaction as there are multiple ways to strategize and achieve goals. Your colleagues will explore, play, discover, and have plenty of fun with our team-building games.




The excitement is not over after all the puzzles are solved. After the games, discuss with fellow team members your post-game strategies and reflect on the top moments. Escape games are a memorable, shared experience that will stay with you long after the games are done.



Escape from Space Bus

Bring the Games to Your Event

Space Bus Has Launched, the First Ever Mobile Game in Northern California!


Space Bus is a multi-room high-tech mobile escape game that we can bring to your location (within the SF Bay area).



Bring the Games to You or a Rented Venue

Introducing "Sabotage".  Spy Case Scenario Game

Sabotage is a fully automated escape game that is best for a large group of 40-50 people. The game is supported by video, animation, custom-made gadgets and printed materials.